Nabídka briket z dřevěných pilin ze Singapuru

We are able to supply +- 1,000 to 2,500 tons per month of sawdust briquettes as shown in the photos attached.

On behalf of a eco-environmental friendly waste sawdust recycling company. We are looking forward to co-operate with sincere long term buyers and importers. No problem to manufacture OEM under your trade marks or brand names. The same applicable to our various types of charcoal.

Pressed sawdust briquettes. These are made from tightly compressed 100% pure wood sawdust, without the addition of waxes, chemicals or other additives. Pound for pound, these give even more heat than natural firewood - 8500 BTU per pound in comparison with 6400 BTU for natural wood. They can be used in fireplaces, woodstoves, inserts, and campfires. All in all, these briquettes give all the heat and more of natural wood, and have the convenience of popular wax briquettes.

The environmental benefits are that these briquettes are made from 100% recycled sawdust, no new trees are cut, they leave little ash and give off few polluting air emissions.

If you are interested, please contact us for details.

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