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We are developing a project proposal for submission under the EU's 6th Framework Programme.

The overall objective of our project proposal is to assess the social issues related to the implementation of medium and long term energy technologies by evaluating the socio-economical impacts of the market penetration of a new kind of energy grass the 'Szarvasi - 1' in Central Eastern Europe and the EU15. This objective is to be achieved by means of analysing the European potential of growing energy grass and its related energy prospective and energy conversion technologies for assessing the social and economical impacts.

The project is to be coordinated by Innoterm Energetics ( and supported by CRES ( and ISQ (

We are looking for a last partner from the Czech Republic with wide understanding for socio-economic analyses concerning land use and/or energy technologies.

Please contact us if you are interested in the mentioned project.

Krisztián EDOCS

Project Coordinator
Innoterm Energetics Ltd.
H - 1068 Budapest,
Benczúr u. 43
Tel.: +36 / 1 / 343 12 80
Fax: +36 / 1 / 321 52 01

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