Wood offer from Brazil

Thanks to exclusive deals and logistics set up with a number of local providers consortiums, we are able to offer wood rejects (coming from forest sawmills) with size from 3x3x3 cm. up. Such rejects may then be burned directly or used to produce various kinds of fuel for the production of electric energy. The wood is of various kind all of amazon (tropical) origin, and mostly from valuable species.

The sale price, FAS in Brazil, is of approximately 10 USD per ton (having varying density we use the ton as reference unit) for minimum sales of 20.000 tons (twenty thousands ton - an average ship capacity). We may negotiate discounts with the providing sawmills consortiums under long term contracts and for relevant quantities (over 200.000 tons / year).
Our information let us estimate the cost to ship such fuel to Europe at around 25-28 USD per ton, using ships with an automatic loading mat.

The payment will be by international letter of credit issued in our favour by a major european bank.
Our target is not providing spot quantities, except for testing, but closing long term contracts (5 or more years) to provide on a regular basis predetermined quantities.

This because the logistics organization costs to collect the rejects all over the amazon basin may be economically covered only by a strict and systematic planning.

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