Rakouská bioplynová asociace


Nová asociace, která se bude věnovat anaerobní digesci, bioplynu,... brzy vznikne v Rakousku. Podrobnejší informace je možno se dočíst ve stručném popisu projektu , v jehož rámci bude asociace založena:

Objectives and content of "Best Biogas Practice":

The goals of the "Best Biogas Practice" project within the field of "Biogas – Monitoring & Benchmarking" are the building and establishment of the Austrian Biogas Network consisting of the players within the value added system biogas and the elaboration of "Best Biogas Practice" guidelines.

Austrian Biogas Network

Within the network building, an organizational culture is established to reach the network targets. This is divided into five aspects: These are aspects are identifying relevant groups of interest, setting up of requirement profiles, the admission of network partners, collecting the partners needs and supporting the foundation of trust.

At the beginning of the network development, the general organizational framework is set up in order to ensure the sustainable continuity of the Austrian Biogas Network. Three tasks must be fulfilled for this topic. These tasks are the orientation of the network partners to co-operate objectives, setting up a business organisation fitting the demands of the network and formulate a cooperation agreement.

To put the network building and development into practice teams are formed and workshops held. The results will be presented at the official network meetings.

Best Biogas Practice

The "Best Biogas Practice" guidelines are the result of the biogas monitoring and benchmarking. This work starts by collecting systematically parameters influencing and characterizing biogas plants and biogas plant operating. Subsequently, data will be collected to these parameters all over Austria. This is clearly focused on biogas plants using energy crops. During data collection and evaluation, modern methods of knowledge- and information management will be used. In this way benchmarks are obtained, forming the base of the "Best Biogas Practice" guidelines.

Results of the project:

The results of the project are "Best Biogas Practice" guidelines are easy to understand and can put into practice by the target group. In these guidelines the relevant parameters are listed, explained, mechanisms of interactions are described, as well as measuring methods are suggested and values are given for optimum biogas plant operation. Fulfilling these guidelines, the biogas plant can receive a quality mark ensuring the sustainable operating.

The benchmarking tool, as another result, is the biogas monitoring and benchmarking software, which can be also used after the project. This tool gives support to the biogas plants during their operations. This tool contains data analyzing functions, where the increase of efficiency or trends over the time can be observed.

A further result of the project is the Austrian Biogas Network. The sustainable continuity of the network is ensured by the continuous application of the developed methods by the network itself.

The dissemination of information is disseminated on four official network meetings, the homepage of the Austrian Biogas Network and the information brochure "Best Biogas Practice". This brochure describes the contents of the guidelines as well as the Austrian Biogas Network including Vision, Mission and Strategy.

A further result is the up-grade of biogas plants during the project by founding the financial investment from a budget foreseen in this project.

During the whole project extensive information and knowledge exchange takes place between the involved parties and the network partners within communities of practice.

Kick off: 1st of March 2004
Finish: 31st of August 2005

project manager: DI Dr. Rainer Schöftner
Profactor Produktionsforschungs GmbH
Im Stadtgut A2
A-4407 Steyr-Gleink
fax.: +43/(0)7252/885-101


homepage Austrian Biogas Network:

This project is carried out within the framework of "Energiesysteme der Zukunft" – an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT).

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