CZ Biom is a non-governmental non-profit organization and professional association supporting the development of phytoenergy in the Czech Republic. The Czech Biomass Association (CZ Biom) is the Czech Republic’s biggest professional organisation engaged in the issue of using biomass in all its forms as an energy source. Established in 1994, CZ Biom employs ten experts and currently represents roughly 160 firms and members.

CZ Biom is active as the lead partner of individual work packages in the areas of  research and development and dissemination projects at the national and European level. Every year the association is a partner of several projects from the programmes:

  • Intelligent Energy Europe
  • Central Europe
  • 7th Framework Programme

In those programmes is CZ Biom mainly focused on bioenergy and biofuels:

  • biomass combustion
  • compact biofuels
  • liquid biofuels
  • biogas
  • biowaste
  • biofuels quality standards
  • biomass production and utilisation
  • composting
  • energy efficiency and savings
  • sustainability


Project manager

Jan Doležal

Tel: +420 608 146 002+420 773 796 380
Email: dolezal@biom.cz

Jan Habart

Tel: +420 603 273 672
Email: habart@biom.cz

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The main activities of CZ Biom consist of dissemination and research activities. CZ Biom publishes its own printed bulletin. For the broad public CZ Biom distributes general information material, such as practical information on the use of biomass for energy purposes for local governments or information material for education (teaching aids). For the distribution of its information materials CZ Biom uses different information channels, most of all its own website, leaflets, educational films and press releases.

CZ Biom has been a partner in several EU funded projects. One of them to mention is the project Biopros - “Solutions for the safe application of wastewater and sludge for high efficient biomass production in Short-Rotation-Plantations” which has been EU-funded from the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). CZ Biom is at the moment cooperating on several EU funded projects from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and from the Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) programme. CZ Biom is also active on the regional projects predominantly with partners from Germany and Austria. CZ Biom is also active on the national level. One of the most prestigious projects of the present time of CZ Biom was the preparation of the Czech national Biomass Action Plan for the Czech Ministry of Agriculture following the recommendation in EU COM(2005)628.

CZ Biom is involved in research and other projects for the government of Czech republic as well as for several local governments. CZ Biom is actively lobbying for more favorable conditions for the use of phytoenergy in the Czech Republic, recent efforts have concentrated on pushing for financial support for the growing of energy crops and greater acceptance for the growing of energy crops among the general public.

For more info please visit http://www.czbiom.cz/en/